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VoIP (voice over IP - that is, voice delivered using the Internet Protocol) is a set of facilities for managing the delivery of voice information using the Internet Protocol (IP). The continuing trend of sending voice information in digital form in discrete packets rather than in the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) circuit method is due primarily to its inherent cost advantages. The major cost advantage of VoIP and Internet telephony is that it avoids the tolls charged by ordinary telephone service.

World Connect® and its telephony partners make full use of the real-time protocol (RTP), inherent within VoIP, to help ensure that your data packets are delivered in a timely way. World Connect® strives to ensure that your organization's VoIP Quality of Service (QoS) is maximized through the effective deployment of private networks managed by an enterprise or by an Internet telephony service provider (ITSP).

World Connect® and its telecommunication partners are able to provide consulting and integration services, hardware and software to manage your wireless and wired VoIP telecommunication requirements from end to end.

World Connect® always strives to provide its customers with value in each of its service and product offerings.

Please contact World Connect® via email at info@worldconnect.com for more information.



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