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De-regulation of the Canadian Telecom industry has created a myriad of choice in services, service providers, new technologies, and ever changing prices.

It is a fact that over 95% of Canadian business pay more than necessary for their telecommunications purchases. The business end-users ability to manage these costs effectively is complicated by the following:

  • Most organizations cannot devote the time necessary to continuously interpret the deluge of industry changes that may create opportunities for their firm;
  • Service provider incentive is to sell as much of their products & services at the highest possible rate;
  • Decisions are usually based on biased information made available solely by these service providers;
  • Billing errors by the carriers is on the rise partially due to ever changing rates, tariffs, billing platform structure, as well as carrier downsizing of staffing;
  • Few organizations possess in-house expertise in telecommunications;
  • Even fewer organizations have sought professional, independent analysis of their telecommunications costs

World Connect® and its telephony partners' supplemental services offer a unique approach to continuous cost management that any organization can afford but will be of special interest to large organizations.

World Connect® always strives to provide its customers with value in each of its service and product offerings.

Please contact World Connect® via email at info@worldconnect.com for more information.



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