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FirstClass Unified Communications

Regain control of your communications!

The proliferation of information systems today is staggering! It is impossible to monitor every system all the time. Consider that the Internet, email, telephone voicemail, fax machines, cell phones, pagers all need your attention. Then add on your groupware and database systems and the result is information overload!

Unified Messaging provides a single location to receive, send, archive and retrieve your messages and information.

Now senders of information don't need to leave multiple messages, on various information systems, each of which has to be reviewed separately by you!

 What is Unified Communications?

Unified Messaging is the integration of different messaging, communication and data systems into one (1) message store. Send, receive, retrieve and archive information such as emails, faxes, database information, files, voicemails, calendar information, etc. from a single mailbox. All data should be maintained in a single message 'store' for optimum data integrity, back up, storage and access.

A typical FirstClass Unified Messaging Mailbox

Why FirstClass Unified Communications?

FirstClass Unified Messaging (UM) is true unified communications.

FirstClass UM seamlessly integrates all of your communications; email, voicemail and fax; in one mailbox, accessible via a FirstClass client, web browser, telephone, cell phone, fax and Palm OSŪ devices.

FirstClass UM is not only unified for the end user but is also unified at the server level with only one single message store. With FirstClass UM, you can send and receive messages fast. Really fast. The instant you receive a message, you hear a ping and see a red flag in your central mailbox. If you wish you may also receive instant notification of messages on your pager or a cell phone. Plus FirstClass UM allows you to bring priority messages to the front of the line for immediate attention.

With FirstClass UM, you experience the power of reliable self-service communication, collaboration, conferencing, data management and calendaring capabilities in one easy-to-use solution.

World Connect® and Unified Communications

FirstClass Pro™ provides a full compliment of services specifically tailored to FirstClass Unified Messaging systems. World Connect® staff is unified messaging certified so that you are provided with the best expertise possible. We can assist you in each stage of planning, design, deployment, integration, configuration and hand off. Our installation and configuration process has over 110 steps for our staff to complete. You can be sure we are thorough

Please contact World Connect® via email at info@worldconnect.com for more information.

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