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Rapid Application Development (RAD)

RAD is a robust, full-featured rapid application development tool for building intranet applications and powerful database interfaces; all accessible from your FirstClass client and - as easily as email!

RAD resides on your Mail Server, so it's part of a single, comprehensive integrated system based on proven Mail Server core architecture. As a result, your RAD applications benefit from quality, reliability and scalability.

Unlike some other 'closed' development environments RAD was designed to work with any ODBC-compliant database. This often means faster development times and big cost savings as our programmers build right on your existing database structure.

World Connect® can bring your information, from your ODBC-compliant databases, such as Microsoft® Access/SQL Server/Visual Fox Pro™, Oracle®, Sybase®, Paradox®, Microsoft® Excel®, DBF, and more, right into your Mail Server client.

World Connect® can also utilize RAD to create applications using form-driven interfaces to streamline your information gathering, updating, access and archiving.

Whether you're a mobile enterprise worker, an executive on the go, a school administrator or an online university instructor, you can have easy access to your server-based intranet applications and databases via FirstClass RAD. And you won't have to leave your FirstClass environment to have it all right at your fingertips.

World Connect® specialized staff will explain to you what may be done to integrate your existing database systems and also provide you with options for completing any missing pieces in your data-management workflow system.

Please contact World Connect® via email at info@worldconnect.com for more information.

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